Multistage black head extraction

Многоэтапная комбинированная чистка лица мануальная + ультразвук

This is a complex procedure combining several types of skin cleansing during a single Aesthetician treatment. The most common application involves the combination of Ultrasonic and Mechanical cleansing.This is the best surface cleansing for deep contamination.  The combination of these methods allows us to treat both comedones (blackheads) and miliums (whiteheads).  Areas requiring superficial, delicate cleansing are treated by an ultrasonic spatula, which has a stimulating effect on the cells.

This procedure is recommended when:

  • There are comedones (blackheads) present;
  • A number of milium (whiteheads);
  • The presence of inflamed skin areas;
  • Aging skin, which is losing elasticity; and
  • A dull or uneven complexion;


Price: $ 80
Time: 90 min
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