Classic manual extraction

Классическая_экстракция_для_нормальной_кожиDirt, grease and sweat residue can block the skin pores, making it difficult for your skin to “breathe” and preventing the entry of positive active substances, which upsets the vital functions and reactions of the skin. The foregoing causes the epidermis to thicken and the continued damage creates unhealthy skin, which looks dull and gray. At this point, hopefully beforehand, it is imperative to clean the skin utilizing mechanical tools and methods.
This treatment involves a manual removal of comedones (blackheads) from the skin. Only an Aesthetician knows when to remove comedones properly. A solution is used to open the pores and reveal the status of the comedone. Following removal, the Aesthetician does not simply use an antiseptic, but applies Unskilled removal could result in scars or blemishes, so it is best to have a facial cleansing performed by a professional. If you are prone to having blackheads and clogged pores, you are much safer having a professional treatment rather than extracting them yourself at home because self-extraction can lead to infections and permanent scarring.

Indications for facial cleansing treatment are:

  • Mixed, oily and acne prone skin;
  • Problematic skin (dilated orifices of sebaceous glands, blackheads)
  • Excessive sebum secretion; or
  • Oily skin with a tendency towards an excessive shine.


Price: $ 65
Time: 60 min
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