Cambium MUSE

A light, supporting procedure, based upon cells from the stems of Jewish roses. The results of this procedure are dependant on a series of applications and careful execution of the procedure.

There are 5 to 10 procedures required (depending upon the age and skin condition of the client).

After the first course of procedures, the client should wait for a period of up to two months in order to properly judge results and then decide upon the need for future procedures.


1. Unique gentle cleansing, which does not dry the skin because it is an intermediate cleanser and not a cream or gel, but rather the consistency of a farm milk.

2. Application of a gentle rose based solution with a mixture of grape seeds and green tea to open the pores. This detoxifies the skin, but it is not a peeling process. This allows you to undergo this step all year around, even during times of high solar activity.

3. Gommage – an intense rolling of dead epithelium, as it polishes and gives the skin a healthy natural glow.

4. Spray – this step soothes and satisfies the skin as it closes the pores and leaves a trail of delicate aroma.

5.A very rich and expensive ampoule concentrate is applied.

6. The Beauty Mask. Apply a warm towel, which tones the face.

7. Massage the face, neck and decolletage with Oil No. 5 for 20 minutes for micro stimulation.

8. Spray with essential oils of rose and chicory.

9. Serum defense or Serum supreme providing concentrated levels of peptides and hydronic acids.

10. Shielding cream, different types depending upon the specific skin condition.

Сontinuance: 90 min



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