Intensive hydration (ONMacabim)

An ideal treatment for post-peeling care. It is also recommended for dry skin with rosacea; restores skin elasticity, prevents hydration loss, stimulates local immunity using nano-ingredients from organic origins, also has a resolving effect.

instantThe complex treatment includes:

1. Makeup removal.

2. Enzyme mask or toning with AHA-acids (depending on the skin condition).

3. Mask Neutrazen (nanopreparations came to aesthetics from cosmetic surgery utilizing Nutrizen to resolve internal keloid scars that are very difficult to improve with any other treatment. Israeli scientists have created “nanocapsules” in the form of a “nanosphere” – a shell, which contains the preparation. It is applied in the form of gel on the skin and the nanocapsules penetrate to a specific depth in the dermis, then open and the preparation begins to take effect, restoring the skin elasticity and preventing the loss of hydration, while tightening the oval portion of the face).

4. Gel Serum CPR (increases the strength of capillaries and improves microcirculation with the following active ingredients: glycolic and hyaluronic acid, dextran, pansy extract, elderberry, chitosan, Vitamin B3, troxerutin, Nutrizen, glycosaminoglycans, and implemented using a galvanic current device or ultrasound, provided there are no contraindications).

5. Anti-couperose algae mask (improves the penetration of the ingredients of the gel into the deeper strata of the skin, has an enveloping, anti-inflammatory effect, the composition also contains the Israeli sage leaf).

5a. Perhaps, an added mixture of highly concentrated crystalline powder with vitamin C (only in the absence of skin irritation or allergies).

6. Lifting cream with vitamin C (the strongest antioxidant, completes the procedure).


Price: $ 80
Duration: 60-80 min


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