Hollywood dead cells exfoliation

Голливудская_чисткаThis type of facial is all-inclusive and is one of our most requested treatments!

If you are having skin related issues, including deep pores and blackheads, this treatment will properly address your skin care needs. This gentle exfoliation is safe and suitable for all skin types.

The Hollywood Exfoliation is unique but based upon traditional mechanical exfoliation, using exfoliating ampoules to assist with the exfoliation process and creating clear skin.  Your skin care professional will apply the exfoliating ampoules to your face and allow it to become slightly dry.  This will then be rubbed off and, as this product rolls up and off the skin, it removes the dead skin cells.  Your pores will become unclogged, acne will be removed, and the result will be healthy and youthful glowing skin.  Use before a facial massage and lifting procedure to enhance the penetration of organic compound solutions.


This type of treatment is NOT recommended for the following:

  • Purulent-inflammatory diseases localized in the maxillofacial area;
  • Herpes virus infection (active);


Price: $ 45
Time: 50 min
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