Revitalizing lifting for mature skin (ONMacabim)

This treatment is designed as a programmed course of 5 to 7 procedures. Approximately six weeks after completing the course we will be able to fully assess the results and determine the need for future treatments.

Thanks to this program, you will receive the following benefits;

Restoration of hydrolipidic balance, a correction of the skin texture and an improvement of the skin’s elasticity and tightness.

Intensive nutrition and hydration of your skin.

Recovery of the protective functions of the skin and faster rejuvenation by means of strengthening the regenerative process.

Strengthening the skin Turgor.


1.​ Make-up removal.

2.​ Application of a gel with Alfa-Hidro-Acid (AHA) as the base ingredient.

3.​ Toning with Ginkgo Biloba, Cornflower Extract and Saponaria Officinalis Extract.

4.​ STB-SOLUTION has a strong proliferative effect and enhances the skin support matrix. It has among its ingredients 70% hyaluronic acid, which stimulates fibroblasts seals, rejuvenates the skin and helps to regulate the sebaceous gland.

5.​ A mask with nano-peptide NETRAZEN provides all of the necessary moisture the skin requires, while also providing complete skin enrichment. In addition, it contains vitamins A, E and hyaluronic acid as active substances.

6.​ NETRAZEN COFFEBEEN serum gel. This is a rich nano-preparation, which normalizes cell metabolism.

7.​ Anti-aging algae mask, which literally “pushes through” active gel ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin and actively constricts the pores.

8.​ BIO-LIFT organic serum has the richest composition of natural oils of any product within this procedure, including Jojoba, Grape Seed oil, Almond oil, Red Everlasting oil, Oragraceae extract, Caendula extract, Euculyptus extract and vitamin E.

9.​ Moisturizer – not just any cream, rather this product is specially formulated to eliminate wrinkles, while firming the skin and making it more supple and elastic.

Price: $ 80
Duration: 60-80 min



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