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EU vs US chemicals in cosmetics

european cosmetics

Over 1,000 Toxic Ingredients Banned in Europe But Not in US?

It’s not much of a stretch to say that Europe is very different than the United States. And the differences don’t just lie in the art, food, or culture. One of the biggest differences (as far as I see it) is in attitude towards toxic ingredients in both food and cosmetics.

This topic really fascinates me and leaves me really confused. There are over 1300 substances completely banned from use in cosmetics (by the EU Cosmetics Regulation). A more recent set of regulations called REACH puts further regulations on more than 500 of those toxic ingredients.

Needleless mesotherapy

Needleless mesotherapy

Needleless mesotherapy is one of the most effective skin firming technologies available today. It facilitates the enhanced absorption of active ingredients into the skin, via ultrasound and eleсtroporation, thereby avoiding the use of needles and their side effects, such as swelling, irritation, pain, scarring, infection etc. This procedure removes freckels, whitens skin, absorbs nutrition, participates in cells matabolism, promotes cells rebirth. The electrode nutrition is directly penetrated the deep-seated skin, start cells rebirth, remote wrinkles of deep skin layer.

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